About Us

Liquid Stands is owned by Sunbelt Brands. You can meet our team and read more about us here. Back in 2011 we began selling products online. As the years went on, we decided to design and manufacture our own products. Our first stand was launched in 2017 under our house brand 'Plixio'. Right away, we saw we had a hit product.

As we sold more and more stands we had customers reach out to us showing images of their setups and giving us ideas for improvements. The ideas were damn good and we decided to run with it - we began including our contact information in product manuals asking customers like you what features you want. The ideas were amazing and implemented over the years. When you receive your product and think "How is this so damn good?" The answer is our products are created directly by customers like YOU.

We will continue to innovate and listen to your feedback. Our products will continue to be offered at low prices with the absolute best quality in the industry. If for some reason, you're not blown away, just text, call or email us because all of our products come with a full 10 year warranty against any damage or defect including scratches, spills, dents, burns and everything in between. Let's LEARN. PLAY. CREATE.